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423-400-1286 Mon-Fri : 6pm-9pm



Have you ever wanted to discover the secrets to increase or even double your scoring average? Increasing his scoring average in Europe from 11.7ppg to 26.2ppg and from 11.4ppg to 25.0ppg in high school, Coach Ricky Taylor shares with you the real secrets how he doubled his scoring average while playing professionally and in high school.


Players will learn a systematic approach on how to develop a scoring mentality to ultimately become a prolific, unstoppable scorer! With advanced shooting, ball handling, and passing drills, Coach Ricky will have a break down analysis on the importance of being a threat from anywhere on the court by having a European I.Q. and being able to score from the point, wing, and post!

  • I had so much fun learning from the best!  Hope to train with you again!  My basketball team and I are 8-0 this year! 5-0 in district!  Again thank you so much for teaching everything you know to the game!

    Zachary Norfleet
    Cunningham, TN - RTB Participant
  • Your success encourage me to stay the course!  Keep pushing and believing!  You don’t know how many lives you touch even if they don’t say so.

    Stephen McDowell
    Pro Basketball Player in Canada
  • I learned how to be a point guard because I’m not a point in high school.  I controlled the ball better!

    Alizae Dollins
    Camden, DE - RTB Participant
  • You always have improvement for the great skills that you have.  Even though you’re a point guard, you have to go get those rebounds.

    Carolina Rivera
    Las Vegas, NV - RTB Participant
  • I loved the drills.  When you make a shot, makes you feel awesome. It was a great experience!  I loved the atmosphere! I learned a couple of new tricks.  Ball handling skills.  I enjoyed it!  I enjoyed the game play – playing with all of these girls, it’s pretty awesome! Yes, I would come back!  Just let me know!

    Alexis Murphy
    Cincinatti, OH - RTB Participant