423-400-1286 Mon-Fri : 6pm-9pm
423-400-1286 Mon-Fri : 6pm-9pm

Tournament Rules


1. All teams – 16 min halves
2. Running Clock
3. Overtime – 2 minutes
4. Clock Stops – last Minute of the game. Clock also stops if a team calls a timeout and the other team is at the free throw line. The clock starts “after” the free throw when the ball is in play.
5. Halftime – 2 minutes


1. 4 timeouts total per game
a. 2 full timeouts
b. 2 thirty-second timeout
2. Warm-ups – 3 minutes between games. The 3 minutes will start immediately after the last game. Teams are encouraged to warm up and stretch prior to the start of their game.
3. Overtime Timeout – One 30-second timeout with no carryovers
4. Player Fouls – fouls out on 5th personal foul
5. 1-and-1 bonus on the 7th team fouls of each half
6. 2-shot bonus on the 10th of each half
7. Team listed on top of schedule is the home team and should wear “light” colors. Bring both colors to game in case a team does not have extra uniforms.
8. Technical Fouls – 2 will result in automatic ejection from the game
9. Top two teams from each pool advance to the championship bracket
10. No balls will be provided for warm-ups or game, please bring your own basketballs
11. The home team must keep the official book in every game
12. Players must be dressed in game uniforms for site entry
13. Coaches cannot allow players to play down 2-3 grade levels. If players are found playing down, then the AAU director will make the necessary arrangement.
14. Players are not able to switch teams during the tournament. Players may not play for two different teams unless they are in the same organization. Players who decide to play on two different teams will be disqualified to participate in athletic activities for Ricky Taylor Basketball.
15. Home teams (top team on schedule) are required to keep the scorebook and away teams (bottom team on schedule) are required to keep the clock


1. Each pool will be determined by win-loss record in pool play
2. In case of ties, head-to-head competition determines seed
3. If 3 teams are tied, a point system comes into effect
4. All games in pool are included in figuring point system (Points difference and point spread respectively). If a team has to forfeit, the winning team will receive a 15+ win.
5. In case teams are still tied, the least total points allowed in pool play will determine the higher seed
6. In case there is still a tie, a coin toss will determine seeding.
7. Bracket play begins on Sunday.